Bruce Caldwell 50th Anniversary Campaign


Join us in Celebrating Bruce Caldwell’s 50th anniversary with Ballet West

Thousands have come and gone from these studios, this stage. One man has been here from the beginning, toiling toward perfection, mentoring the next generation: Ballet Master and Archivist Bruce Caldwell. Join us this autumn as we celebrate and honor a man who has bared his soul, bested his body, and given five decades to this company. A man who started as Fritz and fell in love with the spotlight, the stage, and this company—his home, Ballet West.

Donate $50 in honor of Bruce and we will list your support in the 2018-2019 season playbills. We will publicly recognize his years of service on Saturday, November 3 at the Capitol Theatre prior to the performance of Jewels. At the end of the season, we will present Bruce with a card that lists the names of all those who join us in celebration of this monumental milestone. 

Please call 801-869-6919 to make a gift in honor of Bruce Caldwell. 

Gifts Made in Honor of Bruce Caldwell’s 50th Anniversary with Ballet West

We thank the below individuals for their contributions honoring Ballet Master and Archivist Bruce Caldwell at this monumental milestone in his career.

Kamar and Sally Aulakh
Amanda Baer
Ballet West Guild
Will and Julie Dere
Patti Eylar and Charlie Gardner
Marla Gault
Pamela Hawker
Julie Hopkins
Chester and Marilyn Johnson
Pam Joklik
John Karls
Jennifer and Gideon Malherbe
Katherine Lawrence and Aaron Orlowski
Tomi Jean Ossana
Michael and Cindy Palumbo
Ann Pearce
Jeanne Potucek
Marilynn Roskelley-Dorius
Michael Scolamiero
Julie Terry and Aharon Shulimson
Lou Ann Stevens
Lewis and Betty Stone
Jeff Van Niel and Nancy Rapoport
In Honor of Claire Elizabeth Wilson
Carole Wood and Darrell Hensleigh
Mary Bird Wood

This list as of May 8, 2019.