SERVANT Costume Information

Call time 30 minutes before performance.

Performance Costume:  All costume pieces are numbered.  Costume numbers are assigned at your costume fitting.  You will wear the same costume for all of your performances.


Performance Hairstyle:  Wear hair in two braids as shown in the photo above.

Performance Makeup:  You will wear a mask. Come to the theater with no makeup on, not even foundation.

Performance Shoes:  Servants wear brown canvas ballet shoes with brown elastics.  Dancers must turn in white canvas ballet shoes with white elastics sewn on to the Student Rehearsal Director by your fitting.  Please write your name on the inside sole of the shoe in pen.  Ballet West will then dye the white shoes brown to match the costume.   Your shoes must be “performance ready”.  That means the elastics are neatly sewn on and that your shoes are clean. Dancers who have brown shoes from previous productions are welcome to bring them to be checked to see if they can be worn for the current production.

Please Note:  The wardrobe department does not repair shoes.

Performance Tights and Leotard:  Boys may wear lycra or tight like bike shorts and a tight fitted T- shirt.  Girls may wear pink or white opaque tights, a nylon blend are a good choice.  100% Lycra is not allowed.  A pastel colored full short sleeve style leotard is required.  Ballet West will provide brown socks to be worn as part of the costume. (A full short sleeve leotard means the length of the sleeve is half way down the arm to the elbow. The underarm is completely covered, inside the sleeve of the leotard.)