Western Symphony

Choreographer: George Balanchine
Scenic Design: John Boyt
Costume Design: After Karinska

Costumes: Women’s green satin tutus (4), Women’s lavender satin tutus (1), Women’s purple satin tutus (4), Women’s grey tutu (1), Women’s tan tutus (4), Women’s black tutu (1), Women’s teal tutus (4), Women’s gold satin tutu (1), Women’s red satin tutus (4), Men’s black shirt with tan yoke (1), Men’s black shirt with green yokes (4), Men’s black shirt with rhinestone trim (1), Men’s black shirt with lavender yokes (4), Men’s black shirt with gold yoke (1). Feathered headdresses and hats available.

Boots are not usually rented with costumes, due to sizing concerns. 

Scenery: City scene drop 35’h x 60’w


Costs can change based on availability. Please contact rentals@balletwest.org for a quote and information on fees, deposits, supervision, and insurance.