Sleeping Beauty

Choreographer: Traditional
Scenic Design: Peter Cazalet
Costume Design: Peter Cazalet


Scenery: Full props list available.  Props include: Large throne diaz, small throne diaz, small chandeliers (4), large chandeliers (8), spinning wheel, fairy wings.

Drops include: Ballroom interior, Chamber interior, Forest.

Costumes: Full inventory available. Costumes include: Aurora pink tutu and tiara (4), Aurora blue tutu and tiara(4), Aurora gold and white tutu and tiara (4), Queen outfits and jewelry (2), Carabosse green bodice and skirt (2), Carabosse cloak, Carabosse attendants (6), Lilac fairy tutu and tiara and Cavalier (2), Lilac corps tutu (10), Enchanted garden fairy and Cavalier (2), Woodland fairy and Cavalier (2), Golden fairy and Cavalier (2), Songbird fairy and Cavalier (2), Nurses velvet dresses (2), Garland women dresses (10), Peasant dresses (4), Nymphs dresses and headpieces (20), Court characters (red riding hood, beauty, beast, cat, bird princess, puss in boots, wolf, mazurka men, ), Various Men and Women’s court dresses (16), Boys page outfits (6).

Costs can change based on availability. Please contact for a quote and information on fees, deposits, supervision, and insurance.