Mozart Requiem

Scrim – 4 Panels. Cables run inside edges top to bottom. 

          Panel SL 1: 32’h x 12’w

          Panel SL 2: 32’8”h 9’9″w

          Panel SR: 31’4”h x 10’w

          Panel Center: 32’4” x 10’w

Madonna – seamless backdrop

          Madonna: 32’h x 60’w

Eve – seamless backdrop

          Eve: 32’h x 60’w

Judgement – seamless backdrop

          Judgement: 32’h x 60’w

Garden – scrim with cutouts (see photos for lighting options)

        Garden: 34’h x 60’w


Costs can change based on availability. Please contact for a quote and information on fees, deposits, supervision, and insurance.