Virtual Learning: Senior Steps

Welcome to our Online Virtual learning page for Senior Steps

We’re pleased to offer these online classes to access in the comfort of your own space.
Please feel free to use a counter top, solid chair, or anything stable to hold on to while participating in these classes.

One of the wonderful things about these classes is that you can go at your own pace. Stop and pause if you need a break. Pause and rewind if you need to go over a step or sequence.

Online classes available


Classes offered by Shelly Cordova

Class 1 with pianist Steven Mitchell*

Class 2 with pianist Steven Mitchell*

Class 3 with pianist David Plumpton*

Class 4 with pianist Jared Oaks*

Classes offered by Trisha Wilstead

Class 1 with pianist David Plumpton*

Class 2 with pianist Steven Mitchell*

Please remember, You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. This is particularly true if you (or your family) have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease, or if you have ever experienced chest pain when exercising or have experienced chest pain in the past month when not engaged in physical activity, smoke, have high cholesterol, are obese, or have a bone or joint problem that could be made worse by a change in physical activity. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at any time while exercising you should stop immediately.

We’d like to thank Intermountain Health Care for their generous support of our Senior Steps program.

*all music used with permission of the pianist