Virtual Learning: I CAN DO

Welcome to our Online Virtual learning page for I CAN DO.

We’re pleased to offer this opportunity to experience our classes for I CAN DO. We encourage students of all ages to view this with your parents or whoever helps to take care of you, along with any siblings.

We have classes offered by different teachers who teach at different schools.
Feel free to repeat your classes as often as you wish. Pause and rewind if you get stuck on a concept.
You are welcome to participate in the classes from all of the teachers if you wish!

Please view the I CAN DO classes below.

Groups Dances

Classes by Dana Rossi – Rose Park, Riley, Mountain View

Join Dana Rossi and Moisés Próspero in different dance exercises to explore the TIME and SPACE elements of dance – moving more quickly and slowly to the tempo, mirroring, and more.
“Kidogo” by Diamond Platnumz feat. P-Square
“Makeba” by Jain

Dance with Dana Rossi and Moisés Próspero from Ballet West’s ICANDO program. Learn a combination and continue exploring the SPACE and TIME elements of dance. Be sure to warm-up first with our ICANDO warm- up video or some music of your own.
“Feels Like Home” by Sigala, Fuse ODG, & Sean Paul (feat. Kent Jones)

Class by Ashley Creek – Emerson, Edison, Spectrum

This video uses dance to relate the current situation with the COVID19 pandemic to the historical situation of disease brought to Native American populations by Spanish Explorers, which 5th grade students learn about in Social Studies and History.  Ashley discusses the spread of new viruses through a population and uses dance to express the emotions students may be feeling during this time.

1st song: “Water Shows” by glue70
2nd song: ” Funk It” by Defunk
3rd song: “Snowden’s Jig” by Carolina Chocolate Drops

Dancers- please complete the ICANDO warm-up video before watching this video about the dance element of energy. I hope you enjoy dancing with me.

This video was made in the San Rafael Swell. I highly recommend that you complete the ICANDO warm-up video with instructors Dana Rossi, Sarah Lovett and Alicia Trump before starting on my video. This video is about the dance element of Time.

Classes by Jennifer Heighton – Redwood, Copper Hills, West Kearns, Grant

(Links coming soon)

Class by Sarah Lovett – Whittier, Spectrum

This combination focuses on different aspects of Energy – one of the elements of dance covered in the 5th grade core curriculum – such as still and moving shapes, sustained movement, exploding and rebounding movement.

“Is It True” by Tame Impala
“Circles” by Post Malone

Dance with Ballet West ICANDO Instructor Sarah Lovett and explore the “Space” element of dance. This combination has many changes of weight, alternating between a wide and narrow base.

“Jump in the Line” by Harry Belafonte
“ The Winner” by Coolio

Classes by Amy Simkins – Holbrook

(Links coming soon)

Class by Alicia Trump

Alicia’s video focuses on 2 elements of dance:  Space and Energy – dancing in a narrow base and a wide base; contrasting and dynamic changes; distorted, exaggerated, and diminished movement.

“Huldra” by Gidge
“Can’t Stop Dancin'” by Becky G.

Classes by Ashlee Vilos – Washington, Newman, Bountiful, Holbrook

Join Ballet West ICANDO Instructor Ashlee Vilos and explore different layers of the TIME element of dance – groove to the tempo, accent, bounce, & lyrics. Be sure to warm-up first with our ICANDO warm-up video, or choose your own music and warm up on your own.

“Hopscotch” by Mr Carmack

We’d like to thank the Utah State Legislature though the Utah State Board of Education’s POPS program, as well as The Kahlert Foundation for their generous support of the I CAN DO program.

We hope you enjoy our educational offering. Please explore our website for other learning opportunities as well.

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