Spotlight: Tyler Gum in The Sleeping Beauty

First Soloist Tyler Gum has performed The Sleeping Beauty with Ballet West several times and was the original Frog Prince as a wedding guest in 2011. In this year’s production, he performs the roles of The Bluebird and Prince Floristan. “Growing from the Frog Prince to now leading roles, meant committing to each role and doing my best,” said Gum.  “Working with Mark Goldweber, Pam Robinson-Harris, Jane Wood, Bruce Caldwell, and Adam Sklute, who coached and believed in me through the years has helped me rise to each occasion.” 

Last year, Gum tore his meniscus, which required knee surgery. He spent the summer recovering and working to get back dancing in time for the 59th season.   

“I’ve been dancing all season and my knee has felt great,” Gum said. “There is risk involved in everything that we do. I feel like I healed well and getting back to dancing was really exciting. Every ballet comes with different challenges, making sure I’m doing everything I need to do to be strong helps mitigate risk.”