Spotlight: Nathan Florence

We are thrilled to share some incredible artwork with our Ballet West community! Nathan Florence, the talented father of Ballet West Corps Artist, Maren Florence, has a captivating exhibition of oil paintings on display at Modern West Fine Art. What’s even more special is that a couple of his masterpieces have a direct connection to Ballet West!

One of the featured pieces, “Curious About the Shadows–Sonder,” was inspired by a mesmerizing ballet choreographed by Peter LeBreton Merz a few years ago. It was beautifully performed by our very own Ballet West Academy students.

Another remarkable creation, “Those Who Are Dreaming the World Are Few,” draws inspiration from a photo captured by Ballet West Photographer and Videographer Beau Pearson during one of our Choreographic Festivals.

We are grateful to Nathan Florence for intertwining his artistic talents with the world of ballet, creating these stunning pieces that celebrate the beauty and artistry of dance.