SALT LAKE CITY, UT— Following more than a year of careful consideration, consultations with the Ballet West community, and artful refinement, Ballet West is excited to share a bold and dashing new logo.

“Under the growth of Adam Sklute, Artistic Director, Ballet West is now recognized around the world for its fearless innovation and daring artistry, balanced with its dedication to classical ballet history,” said Sara Neal, Chief Marketing Officer. “It was time to have a logo which represents both the history and the future of this bold and visionary company.”

Working with dancers, Board members, local artists, and Academy parents, Ballet West graphic designer Alex Moya took inspiration from the community to begin his conceptual drawings. In the end, it was the essential tools for any dancer where he found a creative launch pad. “I looked at the differences and similarities between pointe and flat shoes, and then made abstractions of them to make shapes that suggest the B and the W. I also wanted to communicate a sense of theatricality through the implied stage lights of the W,” said Moya. “Just as our audiences get to immerse themselves within the dance presented on stage and interpret it as they wish, I wanted the community to engage with the forms and movement, to find both whimsy and strength in the shapes.”

Moya has a Masters of Fine Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and adds a bit more for his industry colleagues, “A sans serif typeface in bold casts our company as classic and contemporary. The round corners of the terminals in the typeface echoes the roundness of the shapes in the mark. I believe this new logo represents a bold company. We are formed by thoughtful visionaries and dancers, presenting daring choreographers, honoring our history and moving toward the future.”