Battle the bulge with Ballet West

Tired of the treadmill? Sick of the stair climber? Bored by the Bowflex? This winter, Ballet West Academy invites the public to elevate their fitness regimen by doing something new, diverse, and fun. Starting January 17, Ballet West Academy introduces a beginner’s ballet class at Trolley Square and Park City. Even if participants have not heard of a plie or pirouette, or don’t know the first thing about first position, instructors will make them feel at home in the Ballet West Academy studios.

Ballet can improve posture and flexibility, build muscle, and, of course, burn calories. Aside from the physical benefits, a University of Houston study found that doing ballet has ancillary benefits such as boosting confidence and sharpening cognitive functions. “There is a lot of mystique surrounding ballet,” said Ballet West Academy Director Peter LeBreton Merz. “The fact is ballet can be a fun exercise. Beginners can expect to make a few new friends, lower their stress, and (hopefully) find a new passion for the New Year.”

Classes are one and a half hours and start at either 9:45am or 6:45pm every Wednesday at Trolley Square, and Tuesday at 11:30am in Park City. Cost is $15 per class. For more advanced dancers, intermediate classes are also offered Monday through Saturday. Schedules are available at