Ballet West first performed on Park City’s Eccles Center stage in 1998 for the theater’s grand opening. Now the Company returns March 18, 2017 for the third time, launching a striking new program, Works from Within, presented by Park City Institute.

When CEO and Artistic Director Adam Sklute joined Ballet West nearly 10 years ago, he created the Innovations Series, which gave a platform for company dancers to showcase new works staged on fellow Company dancers. This year, he launches the next iteration of that program, Works from Within—four World Premiere ballets by Ballet West artists designed to tour and perform around the Intermountain region and beyond.

Based on short treatments workshopped in the fall, Sklute has selected four Company dancers to expand their ideas into full pieces. Inventive, bold, and experimental, audiences have fallen in love with the Company Artists’ explorations into their art, and have returned year-after-year to be delighted.

Sklute has chosen the following artists to present at Works from Within this year:

  • Presenting Kinesis, newly-named Principal Artist Adrian Fry says he was inspired by the merging of Danish culture and the American dance ideals of speed and clarity. Twelve Ballet West dancers will be in costumes designed by another Principal Artist, Emily Adams.
  • Bringing a Steeped in Stillness, Corps Artist Kazlyn Nielsen will debut her first choreographic creation to the soft music of Erik Satie. She says the creation has breath and stillness in defiance of the fast-paced world around us.
  • Premiering Tremor, Corps Artist Oliver Oguma says his second choreographed work, with a violin Concerto from Philip Glass, is thrilling and exciting. His inspiration is the power of the human body.
  • Staging Grief and Integration, Demi Soloist Trevor Naumann’s piece is loud and colorful, and addresses the lonely responses humans can have to loss. For this work, Naumann has collaborated with California musician, Boaz Roberts, to create an original score.

“Giving my Ballet West Artists a platform to create—and our audiences an opportunity to experience that creativity—is a vital part of my greater mission to move the art form of ballet into the 21st century,” said Sklute. “Being able to tour this program to Park City and beyond gives us a chance to expand peoples’ horizons in limitless ways. I am excited by the four choreographers’ ideas, which will produce fascinating works.”

All lighting design will be completed by James K. Larsen, Ballet West’s lighting designer. Costumes, with the exception of Adrian Fry’s piece, will be designed by Ballet West Director of Costume Production, David Heuvel and executed by the Ballet West Costume Shop.

Ballet West is being presented by the Park City Institute, and tickets may be purchased on their website, or at, starting at just $29.00.