Ballet West Academy awards annual scholarships during Spring Production

The Frederick Quinney Lawson Ballet West Academy continues to grow in number of students, as well as in prestige. Any day of the week, you will find children in studios at any one of our campuses who are learning, rehearsing, and dreaming of becoming a great dancers.

There are plenty of rewards for these dedicated dancers, some of which they won’t even realize until long after their ballet experience is over, such as learning respect, diligence, and collaboration. Other rewards will be immediate: meeting new friends, building self-esteem, and becoming physically stronger. One reward that comes with all that commitment is the opportunity to receive a student scholarship during the year-end Academy performances which just took place.

Ballet West scholarships are given to students based on their talent and their need, and sometimes both. Many of the scholarships are named after donors who have specifically requested their gifts go to the Ballet West Academy scholarship funds. In turn, these donors are able to take part in the selection process with Academy Director Peter LeBreton Merz.

Below is a list of this year’s scholarship recipients. Please help us congratulate these students for their focus and dedication.


Scholarship 2018-2019 recipient

Mr. C    

Aleksandra Winkler

Bruce Marks      

Kahlan Feichtenbiener-Franson

Adam Sklute      

Brittany Bruno

Frederick Quinney Lawson          

Grayson Jenkins

Mark Goldweber            

Elijah Hartley

Shari Quinney   

Victor Galeana

Bené Arnold    

Samanta Jordan

Krista Sorenson            

Estella Birkinshaw

Peggy Bergmann         

Sophia Simmons


Merribeth Habegger-Anderson

Kesler Colton

Mia Sosnowski

Preston Hughes

Ava Folkman