Audi Salt Lake City shows Strong support for Ballet West

As part of a valued and ongoing partnership, Scott Altman, Executive Director of Ballet West accepted a generous donation from Blake Strong, owner of Audi Salt Lake City Thursday evening during a grand opening celebration of their new showroom.

“Audi Salt Lake City and Ballet West have distinctly different products, but our values, ideals, and principles are remarkably the same: a supreme belief in offering the customer the most beautiful, most luxurious experience while challenging ourselves to continually perfect the product,” said Altman, accepting the check. “Both Companies present beauty, precision, and strength as the modicum and abhor the mediocre. I believe this is why Blake and his family – our family—are so close. Thank you again for this wonderful gift.”

The stunning, modern studio, which showcases more than a dozen shiny Audi vehicles will dazzle the public when it opens officially today. Visit Audi Salt Lake City at 979 South State Street, Salt Lake City.