Baby Mice, Mouse Prince, and Mouse Minions


Costume Information 

Your call time is one hour prior to performance.

Performance Costume:  All costume pieces are numbered.  Costume numbers are assigned at your costume fitting.  You will wear the same costume for all of your performances.  There is a pair of grey gloves in a laundry bag on the pants hanger. Please remember to return your gloves to this bag after every performance.  Never take the glove bag off the pant hanger.

Special Stage notes:  Please hold your tail while walking to and from the stage and waiting in the wings. Do not play with your tail.  The Mouse Prince Head will have a crown that is attached to the head.

Performance Hairstyle:  Arrange your hair so that it will fit in the Mouse Head.  It is very important that no hair block your eyes.  For dancers with long hair, either two French braids or one long braid down the center of the head.  Use hairspray or gel to eliminate all loose hair.

Makeup is not required for this role

Performance Shoes:  Dancers are required to turn in white canvas ballet shoes with white elastics to be dyed grey by Ballet West.  Please write your name on the inside sole of the shoe. Shoes should be turned in to the Student Rehearsal Director by November 1st. Dancers who have grey shoes from the 2019 production are welcome to bring them to be checked to see if they can be worn for the 2021 production.  Remember two pairs of shoes are required in your dance bag for just this reason.  One pair can be an old pair.  Shoes must be “performance ready”.  That means that elastics are neatly sewn on and that your shoes are clean.  Please Note: The wardrobe department does not repair shoes. 

Performance Undergarments:  Ballet West will provide tights or a unitard for the dancer to wear.  Boys should either wear bike shorts or a dance belt underneath, and must have a tight white T-shirt.  Girls should wear leotard and tights.