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Join Ballet West Under the Sea for a Special Performance of The Little Mermaid, broadcast on KSL-TV! Dive into the original story by Hans Christian Andersen: A watery world, a brave mermaid, a prince in search of true love, and a devious sea witch! It’s a perfect introduction to ballet for children of all ages.

December 24th at 6:00pm
December 25th at 6:00pm 






PRODUCTION COMPANY:kalpics_logo_web_non_homeLittle Mermaid Sponsor sheet - Mermaid Brodcast

Directed by 
John Foss            

Executive Producer
Russ Kendall                      

Produced by 
Adam Nielson
Tyler Weston    

Cristin Carlin      

Associate Producers
Madeline Tuckfield
Katie Geilman   

Edited by 
Nicholas Spinder




Artistic Director
Adam Sklute

Executive Director
Michael Scolamiero        

Academy Director
Evelyn Cisneros-Legate

Production Conceived by 
Adam Sklute
Mark Goldweber            

Pamela Robinson Harris
Peggy Dolkas     

Production Conceived by 
Adam Sklute
Mark Goldweber              

Leo Delibes        

Music Arrangement and Libretto
Pamela Robinson Harris
Peggy Dolkas

Scenic Coordination
Michael Andrew Currey

Costume Design and Coordination
David Heuvel    

Lighting Design
Joseph Walls     

Boat Design, Construction, and Automation by  
Robert Clifford
Bruce Fugit
Denis Schoenhardt
James K. Larsen
Corey Cresswell

Sound Engineer
Ken Kruckenberg




The Little Mermaid (Age 15)
Tatiana Stevenson          

The Little Mermaid (Age 10)
Isabelle Latimer

The Land Prince
Alladson Barreto             

The Land Princess
Rylee Rogers

The Sea Witch
Mackenzie Bartlett         

The Sea King
Anderson Duhan             

Caitlyn Feddock

Little Mermaid’s Sisters
Kye Cooley 
Maren Florence
Kennedy Sheriff
Rebecca Trockel
Ella Schultze      

The Dolphins     
Jonas Malinka-Thompson
William Lynch    
Elijah Hartley    
Jacob Hancock

Sea Foam
Hannah Argyle 
Stella Birkinshaw            
Layla Porter       
Samantha Stinson           
MaryClaire Whitley 
Aleksandra Winkler        

The Waves         
Kai Casperson
Cameron Kesten           
Wade Mesecar 
Caleb Mook       
Nicholas Posluszny         
Marlin Siegel

The Angel Fish  
Virginia Hebl     
Peri Lewis           
Sophie Seely     
Daisy Stewart   

The Stingrays    
Evie Denosky 
Pierce Mendoza
Harper Pack      
Luke Ross           

The Crabs                           
Thomas Fowler
Dylan Johnson de Lacy  
Marko Jovanovic-Hacon
Luka Mishchenko

The Goldfish     
Molly Baron      
Danielle Bender
Vivi Gardner      
Arleigh Graves 
Lila Jackson        
Libert Lehauli    
Ailia McDermott             
Gianna Nigro     
Liberty Lehauli  

Princess’ Friends
Danielle Belohlavy          
Olivia Book        

The Priest
Loren Walton    

The Sea Toads  
Victor Galeana 
Jonas Malinka-Thompson            
William Lynch

The Sea Snakes
Caitlyn Feddock
Mikayla Gyfteas
Kaeli Ware         

Land Prince’s Parents    
Kaeli Ware         
Zachary Brickson             

Land Princess’ Parents
Amelia Dencker
Anderson Duhan

Wedding Couples            
Leah Andersen
Kesler Colton    
Lund Fuller         
Mikayla Gyfteas
Frances Mandeville        
Wade Mesecar 
Shannon Moore              
Caleb Mook       
Anna Murray     
McKibben Needham
Marlin Siegel    
Isabella Tome

Flower Girls       
Sabrina Lowell   

Children’s Couples 
Emmett Black    
Noah Engar        
Madeline Hull   
Roo Jacobsen
Brooke Lambert               
Grace Santa Maria         
Peyton Santa Maria       
Letti Slemboski
Peter Karson Southworth            
Isabella Spangler             
Rowan Green Teigler
Elijah Van Glider


Voice Actors                     
Hans Christian Andersen

The Narrator
Adam Sklute      

Jeanne Potucek

Young Little Mermaid
Aria Smith         

Sea King              
Jason Linsley     

Little Mermaid 
Abbey Jensen   

Sea Witch 
Christopher Renstrom  

Land Prince
Jason Linsley     

Little Mermaid’s Sisters
Sophia Simmons             
Estella Birkenshaw         

Air Princess
Jeanne Potucek

Line Director     
Tyler Weston    

1st Assistant Director
Tess Kelly            

Production Assistant
Crystal Myler



Camera Operators
Jen Hansen        
Jimmy Marchant             
Dallin Green     
Rod Elwood       

Jib Operator
Glenn Fisk          

Rail Camera       
Hector Marchitelli           

Camera Assistant
Olivia Von Hagen

Engineer in Charge
Collins Cochran

Recording Engineer
Mark Shattuck  

Video Controllers
Mike Olson        
John Bridges      

Sound Mixer
Danny Herrera

Director of Ballet West II
Calvin Kitten      

Student Rehearsal Director 
Courtney Hellebuyck     

Trainee Division Coordinator
Chris Sellars

Assistant Rehearsal Director       
Arolyn Williams


Academy Director of Business Operations
Sarah Taylor      

Senior Director, External Affairs
Andrew Goldberg           

Director of Development
Natalie Cope


Wig & Makeup Master 
Yancey J. Quick 

Director of Costume Production               
Jason Hadley     

Costume Shop Manager
Cindy Farrimond         
Head Stitcher    
Barbara Arcolio

Mary Kay Feicht
Vicki Goslin Raincrow    

Director of Production  
Michael Andrew Currey

Stage Manager / Production Operations Coordinator      
Angelina Pellini 

Head Carpenter / Technical Director       
Robert Clifford

Assistant Carpenter       
Josh Belka

Head Electrician
James K. Larsen

Assistant Electrician
Corey Cresswell

Properties Master
Cory A. Thorell  

Wardrobe Supervisor
Jacquelin Bryce

Wardrobe Assistant       
Emily Fowler


Office Production Assistants       
Bonny Skarstedt              
Jessie Martindale            
Maya Kendall    

Production Accountant 
Christianne Kendall        

1st Assistant Accountants 
 Carol Anderegg
Aerie Dunn

Location Manager           
Heidi Casson     

Craft Service     
Amy Bigler          

Val Wilding

Post Production Manager            
Spencer Bott     

Post Production Coordinator      
Mackenzie Sylvester      

Online Editor     
Brienna Myers 

Assistant Editors 
Andrew McCord              
Brienna Myers 

Ryan Romanovitch         

Post Production Sound Mixer    
Bryan Densley  

Broadcast Truck Provided by     
TV Syndicate     

Post Production Services Provided by     
Kaleidoscope Media & Entertainment    



The Ballet West Production Staff and run of show crew are represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Local 99.

Ballet West sincerely thanks their generous sponsors for making this broadcast possible.
Little Mermaid Sponsor sheet - Mermaid Brodcast


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This broadcast is dedicated to the entire Ballet West family, its supporters and fans who are afflicted with cancer and the families that support them.