Lady in Waiting


Costume Information

Call time 30 minutes prior to performance.

Performance Costume:  All costume pieces are numbered.  Costume numbers are assigned at your costume fitting.  You will wear the same costume for all of your performances.

 Performance Hairstyle:  Low bun, no part.

Performance Makeup:  Dancers will apply their own performance makeup and should arrive at the theatre ready for dress rehearsal and/or performances.  Below is the makeup approved by Ballet West.  You do not need to use the Ben Nye brand, however the makeup colors need to be the same.

  • Foundation
  • Ben Nye: Taupe Shadow (ES-34)
  • Ben Nye: Misty Pink Blush (DR-6)
  • Ben Nye: Natural Lip Liner (LP-134)
  • Ben Nye: Cherry Berry Lip Stick (LS-5)
  • Black Eyeliner ( pen or liquid ) – dancer will provide their own
  • Black Mascara – dancer will provide their own
  • Black False Eyelashes “Ardell Demi Wispies” – dancer will provide their own

Performance Shoes:  Ballet West will provide each dancer with cream character shoes to wear for performances.  After the last performance, the shoes must be returned to Ballet West in the correct shoebox.  Dancers will need to provide their own shoes for rehearsal.

Performance Tights and Leotard:  Ballet Pink colored tights.  Ballet West prefers, Bodywrappers #C45 (girls) or #A45 (ladies) in Theatrical Pink. No 100% Lycra. A flesh tone full short sleeve style leotard is required. (A full short sleeve leotard means the length of the sleeve is half way down the arm to the elbow. The underarm is completely covered, inside the sleeve of the leotard.)