America’s First Nutcracker.

In 1944, critics were stunned when Christensen staged the first full-length Nutcracker in America. “We can’t understand why a vehicle of such fantastic beauty and originality would not be produced in its entirety in this country until now,” reported the Sacramento Union.

It was produced on a shoestring budget, but captivated a nation. Now, during this momentous year and following a $3-million new production, see the original choreography, just as Mr. C intended it – and only at Ballet West.

Choreography: Willam Christensen
Composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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December 7 Matinee 2pm
December 7 Evening 7pm
December 8 Matinee 12pm
December 8 Evening 5pm
December 12 Evening 7pm
December 13 Evening 7pm
December 14 Matinee 2pm
December 14 Evening 7pm
December 15 Matinee 12pm
December 15 Evening 5pm
December 18 Evening 7pm
December 19 Evening 7pm
December 20 Matinee 2pm
December 20 Evening 7pm
December 21 Matinee 2pm
December 21 Evening 7pm
December 22 Matinee 12pm
December 22 Evening 5pm
December 23 Matinee 2pm
December 23 Evening 7pm
December 24 Matinee 12pm
December 26 Matinee 2pm
December 26 Evening 7pm