We are happy to continue to welcome you safely to live performances at Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre. 

Due to rising cases of COVID-19 in the State and Salt Lake County, and in light of the Governor’s State of Emergency on November 8, Arts & Culture is implementing additional safety guidelines to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of visitors in our venues.

Specifically, beginning November 11 ticket buyers will be required to verify that seats purchased together are only for members of the same household. Buyers will be asked to verify this in a pre-event survey, and in cases of 3 or more seats together, will be required to verify this directly with a ticketing or patron services representative. Patrons who do not verify this in advance of the event will be asked to verify by a member of the front of house team before entering the theatre. If patrons are seated with those not in their household, their tickets may be relocated, exchanged, or refunded.

A household is defined as those living within the same house or dwelling unit.

We appreciate your cooperation in complying with all Arts & Culture safety measures as we work to ensure the health and safety of our patrons, performers, and staff and remain open for live events.

For further COVID-19 safety protocol details, please visit the COVID-19 FAQ page or contact Patron Services at


Limited Ticket Availability!

To promote physical distancing, the Capitol Theatre will only be at 20 percent capacity, leaving ample room between patrons. With limited capacity, performances will sell out quickly – many already have! Plan ahead and purchase early for the best seats and prices!


Tides (World Premiere)

The program opens with a world premiere by Jennifer Archibald, Resident Choreographer of Cincinnati Ballet. A graduate of The Alvin Ailey School, her work is known for its fierce and athletic movement, as audiences witnessed when she presented her world premiere work, Myoho at Ballet West’s Choreographic Festival in 2018.

Choreography: Jennifer Archibald
Music: Kronos Quartet and Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat, Anilah, Istvan Sky


Faraway Close (World Premiere)

The program continues with yet another world premiere by resident choreographer Nicolo Fonte. Fonte is a master of creating relationships on stage that tell deeply emotional stories, “he is a storyteller first, and a brilliant choreographer second,” said the Deseret News. As with his Carmina Burana, Rite of Spring, Fox on the Doorstep, or Almost Tango his work speaks to the soul with both joy and heartache.

Choreography: Nicolo Fonte
Music: Harry Escott and Max Richter


Nine Sinatra Songs

One of Twyla Tharp’s most popular works, Nine Sinatra Songs presents glamorous portraits of seven couples that trace the arc of romantic relationships. The dancers swing, swirl, tango, and cha-cha through a glittering ballroom, all while being serenaded by the “Chairman of the Board.”

Choreography: Twyla Tharp
Music: Frank Sinatra





November 6 Evening 7:30pm LIMITED
November 7 Matinee 1pm BEST
November 7 Evening 7:30pm LIMITED
November 11 Evening 7:30pm LIMITED
November 12 Evening 7:30pm SOLD OUT!
November 13 Evening 7:30pm SOLD OUT!
November 14 Matinee 1pm BEST
November 14 Evening 7:30pm SOLD OUT!
November 15 Matinee 1pm LIMITED

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*Plus applicable service charges; offer applies to all available unsold tickets in scales 1-5, and only for the performances listed above in this communication; this offer is subject to be changed or withdrawn at any time; does not apply to previously purchased tickets; no refunds or exchanges; other restrictions may apply. Promo code must be entered in the box on the top right of your screen before selecting seats.

This performance lasts approximately 90 with no intermissions. Masks required. For specific seating requests, please place your order over the phone by calling Patron Services at 801-869-6920.




The health and safety of our patrons and staff are our highest priority. We are monitoring health officials’ guidelines for public gatherings and will adhere to accepted best practices. You can purchase with confidence and know that should our schedule change, we will continue to be flexible with your investment in us.    






Emily Adams, Allison DeBona, Adrian Fry, Tyler Gum, Olivia Gusti,   
Chase O’Connell, Jordan Richardson, Beckanne Sisk


Katlyn Addison, Dominic Ballard, Lucas Horns, David Huffmire, Chelsea Keefer,
Vinicius Lima, Jake Preece, Joshua Shutkind, Jordan Veit, Kristina Weimer


Lindsay Bond, Katie Critchlow, Nicole Fannéy, Jenna Rae Herrera,
Katherine Lawrence, Joshua Whitehead


Emily Adams, Allison DeBona, Adrian Fry, Tyler Gum, Olivia Gusti,
Chase O’Connell, Jordan Richardson, Beckanne Sisk



Katlyn Addison                  Chelsea Keefer (11/14 Kristina Weimer)

Dominic Ballard, David Huffmire, Vinicius Lima, Jake Preece, Joseph Lynch, Jordan Veit

Lucas Horns & Joshua Shutkind

Victoria Vassos & Hadriel Diniz



Softly As I Leave You: Emily Adams & Beau Pearson

Strangers in the Night: Victoria Vassos & Hadriel Diniz

One For My Baby: Beckanne Sisk & Chase O’Connell

My Way: Emily Adams & Beau Pearson,
Allison DeBona & Rex Tilton, Victoria Vassos & Hadriel Diniz

Somethin’ Stupid: Lillian Casscells & Beau Chesivoir

All the Way: Jordan Richardson & Adrian Fry

Forget Domani: Olivia Gusti & Tyler Gum

That’s Life: Beckanne Sisk & Chase O’Connell

My Way: Emily Adams & Beau Pearson, Lillian Casscells & Beau Chesivoir,
Olivia Gusti & Tyler Gum, Jordan Richardson & Adrian Fry,
Beckanne Sisk & Chase O’Connell, Victoria Vassos & Hadriel Diniz



Welcome to Ballet West’s Fall 2020 program.

Since March of this year, Ballet West has not performed live, so it is with great joy that we return to the stage, albeit in a unique performance that both addresses the challenges of our current world but also affirms the power of the human spirit.

In March, our artists stopped dancing. Our studios closed down and as the year progressed and we were forced to cancel one program after another, we began to wonder if we would ever get back onto the stage. However, we were determined as an organization to push forward and find the safest ways to create art in the face of this global pandemic, despite the enormous financial hardship and uncertainty of the future. In late June, bucking national trends, our Academy held the only large scale in-person Ballet Summer Intensive in America. Our faculty and staff worked tirelessly in coordination with the Salt Lake County Health Department and created rigorous protocols and safety measures, which we continue to follow to this day. It was complicated, difficult, and required intense focus and attention to details from the entire organization.  But we were able to host over 300 students, and guest faculty from around the United States and not one single illness!

Our work over the summer gave us courage and while our academy continues in-person classes for our hundreds of students dancing in masks, while maintaining proper social distancing and hygiene, our next step was to bring our professionals back to work. By August we began the slow and careful process of “rehabilitation” classes.

Dancers are such hard workers and while they did everything they could to stay in shape, there is no substitute for proper full-scale ballet training in a dance studio. Slowly we worked all together to build back their strength, flexibility, and articulation. Little by little increasing their speed and agility as they began to streamline again and regain their confidence we now turned our eyes to performing.

Clearly our planned October blockbuster Dracula would simply not be possible with its huge cast and orchestra in the pit, its complicated production values and its promise of a packed audience. This was not the time for such an undertaking. Nevertheless, our newly planned “additional” fall program Nine Sinatra Songs presented a possible way back to the stage.

We are blessed at Ballet West to have many household couples among the dancers. I realized that by utilizing our married and cohabitating couples I could produce works that incorporated physical partnering and close contact between pairs – a vital aspect of our art form. Using Nine Sinatra Songs, an elegant suite of dances for seven couples, as the lynchpin and by adjusting the other two originally scheduled works, a whole show took shape.

The program opens with Jennifer Archibald’s dynamic Tides. A graduate of The Ailey School, and a celebrated international choreographer, Archibald’s approach to classical ballet is not delicate.  Instead, she brings out power and fierceness from the artists. And by combining genres, her movement has a fascinating quality at once unpredictable and inevitable. Ballet West audiences first experienced Archibald’s work as danced by the Cincinnati Ballet when we hosted them as part of our 2018 Choreographic Festival.  I immediately invited her to create a new work on Ballet West, originally scheduled for our May 2020 Festival.  I am so glad she was able to accommodate our changes.  Tides, speaks to the ever changing eb and flow of this complicated time and our determination and strength in the face of adversity.

Similarly, our Resident Choreographer, Nicolo Fonte’s Faraway Close is a beautiful dreamlike look at the human soul during this strange period in the world. Originally, I had planned the revival of Fonte’s excellent Almost Tango, but in speaking with him, it proved to be impossible right now. Instead, Fonte came forward with a new creation that speaks to the dichotomy of our current lives.  Both Jennifer and Nicolo embraced the unique challenge, along with our dancers, of creating ballet while maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and only allowing physical partnering between life couples.

Closing the program is Ballet West’s revival of Twyla Tharp’s iconic celebration of relationships as presented to the music of “Old Blue-Eyes” and through the medium of ballroom dancing. Nine Sinatra Songs is glamorous, charming, ironic, sly, and ultimately quite moving as Sinatra’s great anthem “My Way” closes the performance, reaffirming the indomitability of the human spirit.

We are committed to assuring your health, safety, and comfort for these performances and we hope that we can offer joy to your lives and food for the soul. Now more than ever, thank you for your patronage and commitment to Ballet West.

Stay safe, healthy, happy, and strong!

With gratitude,

Adam Sklute
Artistic Director, Ballet West