Join the Ballet West II dancers and students from the Ballet West Academy for a magic carpet ride full of comedy, romance, and adventure. Follow an impoverished youth and an entire cast of colorful and magical characters as Aladdin strives to win the love of his beautiful princess and spoil the plans of the wicked magician.


Adam Sklute

“The family series is designed to present a complete story ballet with narration and music in just one hour. I am tremendously proud to have launched this program at Ballet West, as I know it has introduced countless children and families to the joys of our art form.”
—Adam Sklute



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October 19 Evening 7pm
October 20 Evening 7pm
October 21 Matinee 2pm
October 21 Evening 7pm
October 22 Matinee 2pm  



Production Sponsor: Marriner S. Eccles Foundation

Casting – subject to change

Thursday 10/19 7PM – Friday 10/20 7PM – Sunday 10/22 2 PM


Scheherazade: Victoria Vassos
King Shahryar: Jake Preece
Dinarzad: Samantha Zamora

Aladdin: David Huffmire
Aladdin’s Mother: Stephanie Buesser
Malik, Aladdin’s monkey: Naomi Steele
Princess Kalila: Jordan DePina
Kalila’s Friends: Lorraina Boyette, Isabel Harrell
Samirah, Kalila’s tiger cub: Sahaja Rutledge
The Sultan, Kalila’s father: Ryan Lenkey
The Sorcerer: Noel Jensen
Hajar, the Sorcerer’s camel: Jordan Carter, Mackenzie Bartlett
Fatima, the holy woman: Alexandra Terry
The Big Genie: Levi Durie
The Little Genie: Mariah Frisby
The Snake Charmer: Kyle Davis
Cobra, his snake: Nora Hartman
Guards/Slaves: Miles Deane-Grundman, Jhaelin McQuay, Jeremy Power, Benjamin Rose, Derek Suanders, Niko Yaroslaski
Odalisques: Amelia Dencker, Lucy Merz, Cianna Sala, Alexandra Taylor, Claire Wilson, Margaret Whyte
Food Vendor Family: Megan Boyette, Jacob Hancock, Kesler Colton, Haydenne Hageman, Esme Thorne
Spice Vendor Family: Alicen Carter, Kaelyn Lefferts, Mia Tureson
Rugs and Pottery Vendor Family: Susanna Russell, Jonas Malinka-Thompson, Anly Lockwood, Edan Nelson
Street Urchins: Emmett Black, Maxwell Mumm, Ashton Murdock, Eliza Scholl, Jax Steele
Cave Trees: Mimi Campbell, Deanna Cudjoe (10/22 Kahlan Feichtenbeiner-Franson, Scout Sutton)

Wazir, the Sultan’s advisor: Joseph Lynch
Black Opal: Janae Korte
Tiger’s Eye: Hannah Sterling
Garnet: Brigitte Edwards (10/22 Estella Birkenshaw)
Emerald: Savannah Lyle ( 10/22 Katy Schwarzweller)
Sapphire: Ashleigh Richardson (10/22 Anna Elizabeth Mous)
Diamond: Haley Mae Wilson (10/22 Mimi Campbell)
The Rat: Jax Steele


Saturday 10/21 2PM and 7PM


Scheherazade: Alexandra Terry
King Shahryar: Noel Jensen
Dinarzad: Kaiya Mortensen

Aladdin: Jake Preece
Aladdin’s Mother: Isabel Harrell
Malik, Aladdin’s monkey: Olivia Boyden
Princess Kalila: Janae Korte
Kalila’s Friends: Ashleigh Richardson, Jordan DePina
Samirah, Kalila’s tiger cub: Eliana Smith
The Sultan, Kalila’s father: Ryan Lenkey
The Sorcerer: Levi Durie
Hajar, the Sorcerer’s camel: Lorraina Boyette, Megan Boyette
Fatima, the holy woman: Hannah Sterling
The Big Genie: Jhaelin McQuay
The Little Genie: Natasha Jessen
The Snake Charmer: David Huffmire
Cobra, his snake: HaUhn Kim
Guards/Slaves: Miles Deane-Grundman, Jake Mingus, Jeremy Power, Benjamin Rose, Derek Suanders, Niko Yaroslaski
Odalisques: Jordan Carter, Brigitte Edwards, Kaelyn Lefferts, Savannah Lyle, Alexandra Taylor, Claire Wilson
Food Vendor Family: Mackenzie Bartlett, Jacob Hancock, Travaun Larett, Elizabeth Moore, Letti Slemboski
Spice Vendor Family: Hannah Willis, Haley Mae Wilson, Kate Zwick
Rugs and Pottery Vendor Family: Cianna Sala, Jonas Malinka-Thompson, Katherine Rasmussen, Paige Reese
Street Urchins: Andrea Delgado, Stella Gardner, Gibson Hochhauser, Carson Treasure, Xander Welch
Cave Trees: Aria Smith, Aleksandra Winkler

Wazir, the Sultan’s advisor: Joseph Lynch
Black Opal: Stephanie Buesser
Tiger’s Eye: Victoria Vassos
Garnet: Alicen Carter
Emerald: Margaret Whyte
Sapphire: Lucy Merz
Diamond: Amelia Dencker
The Rat: Gibson Hochhauser