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Mr. C and Mrs. Wallace

Peggy Bergmann
John and Kristi Cumming
Paul and Cheryl Huntsman
Barbara Levy Kipper
Thomas and Mary McCarthey
Jeanne Potucek
John and Marcia Price Family Foundation
Shari and David Quinney
Beano Solomon
Krista and Jim Sorenson

Archivist and Director

Sue J. Ellis
Carole Wood and Darrell Hensleigh
Cindy and Howard Hochhauser
Vilija Avizonis and Greg McComas
Judy Brady and Drew W. Browning
DiFiore Family
Alan and Jeanne Hall Foundation
Barbara Barrington Jones
Dan P. Miller
John and Andrea Miller
Anthony and Jessica Mirabile
Brian and Janae Powell
Keith and Nancy Rattie
Convergence Planning
Erin and Bryan Riggsbee
Theodore Schmidt
Jonathan and Liz Slager
Jennifer Strachan and Tom Biersbach
Barbara L. Tanner
Brad and Linda Walton
Julia S. Watkins

Choreographer and Ballet Mistress

Bradley Allen
Margaret Anderson
Kim Strand and Mike Black
Judy and Larry Brownstein
Cecile and Harold Christiansen
Jeanne M. Kimball
Angela Martindale and Michael Snow
Madeleine and Harvey Plonsker
Teresa Silcox
Adam Sklute and Christopher Renstrom
Stephany Alexander and David West
Kathleen and Andy Blank
The Brown Family Foundation
Carol Browning, Céline Browning, and Rete and Rikki Browning
Alexis Carr
Carol Carter
Carol Christ
Jim and Barbara Clark
William and Melissa Connelly
Meredith and Stephen Drechsel
John and Joan Firmage
Bonnie Jean Beesley
Donna and Jeff Gordon
John and ILauna Gurr
Ron and Shelley Hansen
Marc and Mary Carole Harrison
Jennifer S. Horne
Scott Huntsman
Tina Jensen
Conrad and Anne Jenson
Katharine Lamb
Cynthia Lampropoulos
David and Naja Lockwood
Melanie and Paul Lyon
Willis McCree and John Fromer
Peter and Catherine Meldrum
Rayna Mintz
Dr. Pamela Dee Parkinson
Ray Pickup
Lee Quinney
The Rickman Family
Ellen and Chris Rossi
Jerry and Linda Rowley
Patterson Family Memorial Foundation
Todd Smith
George H. Speciale
Sue and Jack Stahl
Stanford and Dixie Stoddard
Cindy and Blake Strong
Rick and Chris Veit
Roy Vincent
Sue and Walker Wallace
Mike and Debra Washburn
Jacquelyn Wentz
Marelynn and Edward Zipser

Ballet Master

Bené Arnold
Zlate Balulovski
Mallory Berge
Pascale De Rozario and Jonathan Crossett
Thomas and Lisa Dunlap
Stephen Anderson
Wyatt and Samantha Hepworth
Gordon Irving
David P. Heuvel and Johann Jacobs
John Karls
Heather Keller
Shelley Kendrick
Nancy Melich and Lex Hemphill
Jennifer Moldre
Leslie Murdock
Global Travel Network
Joanne Parrish
Benjamin Romney
Mark and Linda Scholl
Claudia and David Seiter
Maarten Terry
Cynthia Washington
John and Marilyn Alleman
Jeffrey Bronson Anderson
Petras and Liuda Avizonis
Carol Baer
Govert Bassett
Frances and Jerome Battle
Clisto and Suzanne Beaty
Gary Beers
Alene Bentley
Sharon and Michael Bertelsen
Annie Binger
Ginny Bostrom
Kristel B. Carter
Amalia Cochran
William and Joan Coles
Peter Dejonge and Susan Johnson
Sissy Eichwald
Karen L. Freed
Cammy Fuller
Patti Eylar and Charlie Gardner
David Keith Garside and Audrey Miner
Marla M. Gault
Ann and Rick Gold
Mary Gootjes and John Davis
David and Sandylee Griswold
Peggy A. Norton and Scott W. Hansen
Sandy Haughey
Connie Holbrook
Mark and Wendi Holland
Julie Hopkins
Daniel Horns and Renee Zollinger
Larry and Tina Howard
Robert and Dixie Huefner
David and Linda Irvine
Marilyn and Chester Johnson
G. Frank and Pamela Joklik
The Kohlburn/Lecointre Family
Carol and Guy Kroesche
Katherine Probert Labrum
Katharine Lauer
Tony and Roxanne Christensen Lazzara
David E. and Helane B. Leta
Rebecca Marriott Champion
Rachele McCarthey and Brock VandeKamp
David and Colleen Merrill
Sheri P. and Ted Morgan
Scott and JoAnn Narus
Oren and Liz Nelson
Linda S. Pembroke
Andrea Peterson
Jeanie Pollack
Jeff Van Niel and Nancy Rapoport
Suzanne and David Razor
Gary and Joann Rieben
Scott Rosenbush and Cindy Zimmerman
Robert and Nancy Schumacker
Katherine Scott
Ben and Lael Selznick
John Sklute
James R. Kruse and Mary Jo Smith
Nancy and Robert Sparrer
Jennifer Speers
Laura Scott and Rodney Mena
Lou Ann Stevens
Cassandra Suite-Smith
Stephen and Vanice Thomson
Amy Wadsworth and David Richardson
Susan Warshaw
Mark Weisbender
Bill and Betty Weldon
Elaine Wolbrom
Mary Bird and Lance Wood


Frances M. Akita
Christine Allred
Ronald and Kathy Aoki
Amanda Baer
Vicki and Bill Bennion
J.H. Bogart
Ronald and Tracy Bolander
James M. and Sherise G. Clayton
Wilma Corkery and John Ripley
Sandra Covey
Charles and Susan Critchlow
Lindsay and Ron Cutshall
Carole and Calvin Drecksel
Eric and Shellie Eide
Blair Felton and Stuart Asahina
Nancy Futrell, M.D. and Clark Millikan, M.D.
James Halliday
Cynthia Hamman
Joel and Frances Harris
Robert and Marcia Harris
David and Sheila Hayes Moore
William K. and Janeal P. Hodges
Barbara Horwitz
Elise and Paul Hutchings
Scott and Allison Kendell
Timotha Ann Kent
Marvin and Lois Kimball
Diane Leikam
Mark Love
Katherine Lynch
David and Donna Lyon
Dr. and Dr. Mattis
Ziggy McBride
Tracy McNally
Keith and Donna Mercer
Patricia and James Morgan
Carolyn Nebeker Rasmussen
Marilyn and Rulon Neilson
Karen H. Nichols
Mary Anne and Kevin O’Connell
Tim Payne
Troy and Helena Piantes
Paula and Rodolphe Ruffy
Braden Shupe
Patricia Smith
Kevin and Alice Steiner
Torey Swink
Janet and Herbert Trayner
Reatha and Charles Whiting
Anonymous (3)


Judi Abdulla
Judy W. Anderson
Maria Anselmi
Autumn Archuleta
Richard Badenhausen
Nancy and Lewis Baker
Edward and Kathy Bates
Michael M. Bettin
Richard Brandt
Lee and Deann Broadbent
Richard and Judith Cannon
Allen Chantry
Pat and Frank Child
Susan Chilton
Karen Coleman
Molly Conroy
Eydie Debry
Carol and Dr. Michael DeCaria
Ashby and Anne Cullimore Decker
Lee Dever
Brandon M. Dixon
Paul M. Dougan
Pamela and Richard Dropek
Michelle and Fred Dunbar
Janet Ellsworth
Jeff E. and Judy Fillmore
Elizabeth Frank
Susie Funk
Christine Gailey
Martin and Sheila Gelman
Dan and Amy Geroso
Angelina Glesch
Nena Germany Greer
Robyn Hall
Jon and Tami Hansen
Peggy Norton and Scott Hansen
Alene Harrison
John Edward Henderson
Linda Hull
Judy Jones
Vere and Masie Lancaster
Sally and Ron Larkin
Than Larsen
Marissa B. Linback
Ned and Alene Mangelson
Jonette and Geoffrey Mangum
Shelley McClennen
Beth McComas
Heather Mcmaster
Elia Miller
Melinda Mitchell
Dr. Michaela Mohr
Kathy G. Oakley
Carol M. Oliver
Kristine Olsen
Maura and Serge Olszanskyj
Stella Papa-Dakis
Ronald and Camille Parker
Katie M. Pollard
Genevieve Maire Rosol
Steven Schamel
Paul and Carol Sonntag
Roger and Shirley Sorenson
Jeannie Southwick
Regina and Don Stromquist
La Rae R. Thackeray
Elizabeth Tracy
Dongngan Truong
Kevin Voyles
Michael Welling
Lara Z. Wells
Terry R. Whipple
Jerre and Dave Winder
Marsha and Richard Workman


Jennifer Abouzelof
Karisa and Bill Affleck
Kevin Murphy and Meredith Alden
Irwin and Gloria Altman
Charlene Anderson
Shay Rigby and Brooke Anderson
Jordan Atkin
Ann Atkisson
Lisa Bailey
Diana Banks-Bromberg and Mark Bromberg
Deborah and Byron Barkley
Mary and Philip Barlow
Colleen Barnes
Carolyn Barrani
Chris Bateman
Brad Batig
Margaret K. Batson
Mary Ann and Thomas Bauman
Ruth Benefiel
Pamela Metz Bermen
Miki Bode-Jones
Linda and Chris Boren
Ingrid Bornschein
Anneli and Glen Bowen
Rodney and Carolyn Brady
Helen and Jack Brown
Robyn and Brent Brown
Marianne Harding Burgoyne
Kathryn and John Burnham
Jared Burton
Leslie Calvert
Brett Campbell
Carla and E. Lindsay Carlisle
Dale and Janice Carpenter
Will Chamberlain
Allison Clark
Gaye and Kevin Clark
David Classen and Laurie Hofmann
Julia and Richard Codell
Nancy Cohn and George Cassidy
Tracey Collier
Heather and Peter Cooke
Cindy Dahle
Debbie Davis
Klancy and Noel Denevers
Eric Despain
Denise Doebbeling
Elizabeth Drinkaus
Beverly and Calvin Elkington
Jennifer English
Chari Farr
Dawn Farrell
Robert Feldott
Leah B. Felt
Parker D Fillmore
Barbara W. Frazier
Mark Fry
Janet Fuller
James Gallegos
Bryson Garbett
Ruth Gardner
Laura Gelfand
Cathy Gelwix
Richard and Stacy Goebel
Vickie and Gary Greaves
Abbie and Ken Griffin
Kaye Grimmett
Lorraine and David Gunn
Barbara Hall and John Eicholtz
Stacy Hamm
J. Michael and Cassandra Hansen
Patricia and Paul Hansen
Tracey Harrach
Rob Harrison
Laurie and Thomas Harvey
Rebecca Held
Jenna Rae Herrera and Alexander MacFarlan
Rick and Elizabeth Herrera
Carolee Hosfeld
William R. and Karen P. Hyde
Robert Hylton
Carrie Icard
Stephanie Jackson
Linda and Jim Jacobs
Richard and Helen Jaffe
Sandra Jarvis
Elisa Jenny
Jason Jentzsch
James Johnson
Bernice and Richard Jones
Deberra Daun Jones
Earl B. Jones
Siegfried and Ellen Karsten
Arden Kearl
Helen Kennedy
Michael and Margaret A. King
Gene Klatt
Priscilla Klaus
Barbara Kornet
Lisa Larriva
Chamonix Larsen
Gary and Suzanne Larsen
Robert and Miriam Lenz
Katherine and Harold Liddle
Charlene Lind
Marilyn Lott
Susan H. Loving
Crystal Maggelet
Karen Major
Heidi and Edward Makowski
Phyllis Mandel
Heidrun I. Mandy
Amanda Maughan
Randy McComas
Joanne McGillis
Mark and Anelee Mckean
Marjorie and Thomas Mclaughlin
Helene and David Mintz
Danny Morgan
Sue Morgan
Julie Morriss
Susan and Barry Mortenson
Susan Mueller
Teri Mumm
Diana Nabor
Holly Nagie
Sara L. Neill
Bonnie Nell
Anne M. Nelsen
Richard J. Nelson
Patricia New
Debra Nielson
Linda Nielson
Richard and Helga Normann
Ruth and Phillip Novak
Ralph and Jean Nuismer
James Harris and Jill Nutting
Randy Okland
Helen Olpin
June A. Olsen
Tomi Jean Ossana
Amy Oxman
Debra Packard
Michael and Cindy Palumbo
Sonja G. Penttila and Lewis Boynton
Anthony Petersen
Greg Petersen
Leslie Peterson
Amy Phelan
Ranae Pierce
LaRee Prisbrey
Brent Rammell
Anne Rasmussen
Barbara Ray
Hildegard Rayner
Randy and Tammy Richards
Melissa Rideout
Jody Riley
Tai Riser
Joy Rocklin
Michael Williamson and Dan Rodriguez
Carole Rusho
Nannette and Daniel Sageser
Alexa Krista Sand
Judy Scharffs
Cynthia and Ted Schofield
Brylan Schultz
Carole Sharp
Oren Shepherd
Richard and Lorraine Shew
Bernard Simbari and William Barnett
Diane Simons
Ardean Smart
Kim E. Smith
Mercedes Smith
John Snideman
Ann Sparks
Helen Stanhope
Gayle M. Stewart
James R. Stewart
Lewis and Betty Stone
Briant Summerhays
Joan Swain
Cynthia Swensen
Sandra Swensen
Hiroaki Takamatsu
James Taylor
Jeffrey Taylor
Dr. & Mrs. John Taylor
Dennis Thalmann
Ruth Toronto
Linda R. Tueller
David Tundermann
Joseph Urban
Dr. Marilyn Valentine
Martha and John Veranth
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Vickery, Jr.
Dianne Walker and Peter Yogman
Leigh and Bruce Washburn
Nancy Watkins
Pamela Misieka and Ralph Wieben
Jamie Wilson
Julie Wolfe
Barbara Wolin
Catherine Wong
Carolyn Wootton
Caren and Gilbert Wootton
Katherine Yonally
Marjorie C. Young
Jolene Zito
Anonymous (4)


Carolyn Abravanel
Kyleah Adamson
H. James and Sandra Allen
Aubrey Anderson
Diane Anderson
Linda Archibald
Arj Arjunan
Susan Ashley
Nadiya Ayrapetov
Kristina and Michael Bailey
Lisa Bailey
Andrea Bake
Jackie Balbino
Joyce and John Barnes
Lisa Barnes
Raunaq Baveja
Cheristy Beck
Irving Cohen and Rina Beder
Tracy Bendixon
Devan Bennion
Carol Bills
Carly Brnakova
Charles R. Brown
Elaine Brummer Hill
Tatum Buhl
Emily Bunge
Dustin Carnevale
Sharon D. Carrier
Kelly Chan
Koni Christensen
Geri Clark
Katherine Clark
Richard Clegg
John Cogan
Michael and Shawna Cragun
Donald Cursoe
Carly Daboin
Pahoran Da Silva
Alan and Vickie Eastman
Douglas Edwards
Claire Turner and Kathryn Egan
Ashley Farr
Lowell Finney
James Ford
Valerie Gardner
Mitzi Garland
Alison Garner
Destiny and Aaron Gill
Alice Griffin
Janet and Paul Griffin
Debra Guthery
Mardee Hagen
Ann Marie Hamar
Sara Hampton
David Harper
Jacqueline Harris
Michael and Kathryn Hayes
Tyler Headlee
Somerlyn Hensley
Kaia Jean Hodgson
Douglas J. Holmes
Kathie and Charles Horman
Martin Horvath
Greg Housley
Robert and Virginia Huber
Daniel Schelling and Hilary Jacobs
Brian and Michele Jahne 
Mohamed Jamshidy
William Jensen
Josh Jones
Blake Keithley
Erin Kelley
Bonne Kelly
Sue Kern
Jessica and Reese Kidman
Ellen King
Andrew Kirol
Frederick Klass
Moeun Kou
Carol Kramer
Josh Kushner
Sharla Landers
Margaret and Bruce Landesman
Oliver Lange
Jessica and Scott Laroche
Evelyn and James Lee
Reinan Lima
Dimity Liu
Diane Luke
Taylor Lykes
Fred Makobongo
Swati Mallya
Ronald and Denece Mangone
Cruz A. Marcano
Jeileen Mas
Josh McBeain
Tim McBride
Maggie McCann
Michael McMillan
Patricia and John McNamara
Pat and Edward Mencimer
Melinda Mitchell
Bonnie Mooney
Benito Moreno
Pamela A. Mudge
My Nguyen Nasson
Michael J. Nelson
Allie Nunes
Julie O’Brien
Carol S. Oestreich
Lisa Osborne
Caroline Paletta
Dorothy Palmer
Alexandra Parker
Barbara Perry
Patrick Poce
Steven Oneida and Jessica Ramos
John and Cynthia Richards
Hunter Richardson
Rebecca and Delbert Ririe
Elena Rosellen
Gloria Rothbaum
Juergen Sass
Kristine Saunders
Iryna Sayer
Barbara Schmidt
Frederick Schwab
Karen Scott
Karen Shores
Bethanie Simms
Keith Smart
Kristi Smith
Melissa Smith
Rae Smith
Terri Smith
Susan and Chris Snijman
Dana Sohm
Dwain and Barbara Stephenson
Judith Stirrat
Reed and Janet Stock
James Talavera
Martin and Irene Tannenbaum
Jodi Taylor
Yvonne Thele
Nancy Thomas
Chen Tian
Dorothy Tong
Martha Toombes
Anne Tyler
Joel Umbriaco
Gabe Ventilla
Janene Wallace
Dhyan Walters
Davis Ward
Thomas Wheeler
Lawrence Wiedmann
James Wilson
Mary Wimmer
Julie Wolfe
Angela Wright
Kang Xu
Kristy Yoo
Courtney Young
Paola Zamarron


John and Monique Abbott
Douglas Anderson
Casey Barrus
Linda Brummett
Julie Buchanan
Fitz Bushnell
Ryan Cannon
Danielle Carlston
John and Joan Carver
Patricia Clay
Kara Cody
Shoni Conrad
Scott Cruze
Patricia Crystal
McKenzie Da Silva
Heather Darling
Aline and Bradley Devaud
Annette Duzett
Lisa Esterling
John and Michelle Flynn

Emilie Griff
Andrea Hansen
Melanie Harris
Timothy Houpt
Tera Hunter
Hilarie Job
Shirley Keyes
Andrea Lockwood
Sherri and James McDonald
Jennifer Meyers
Trevor Adrian and Christina Miller
Douglas and Lisa Monson
Rebecca Ory-Hernandez
Rebecca Page
Nicole Payne
Rohit Raghaven
Marian P. Rees
Connie Rowland
Laura Schmidt
Pam Schroeder
Cheri Schwab
Marie Smith
Diana Major Spencer
Sarah Starkey
Annie and Cory Strupp
Arthur Swindle
Emma Louise Thurston
Kevin and Emily Tolton
Denise Villa-Tully and Francis Tully, Jr.
Jay and Pat Turner
Renee Utgaard
Nancy and Beat Von Allmen
Leslee Walker
James and Carolyn Wold