Gifts Made In Memory & In Honor

We thank those donors who have made a gift to Ballet West in memory or in honor of the individuals listed below.

Gifts Made in Honor of

In Honor of the Members of the Ballet West Orchestra

  • Kenny Hodges

In Honor of Bruce Caldwell

  • Kenny and Janeal Hodges

In Honor of Peter Christie

  • Joel and Frances Harris

In Honor of Jennifer Clayton

  • David Clayton, MD

In Honor of the Curtis Children

  • Robert and Caprene Curtis

In Honor of Linden Ebling

  • Carol Clasby

In Honor of Rachael Darden Harper

  • Michael R. and Sheila I. Harper

In Honor of Dr. Joel M. Harris

  • Carolyn and Dennis Bernard

In Honor of Lucas Horns

  • Gordon Irving

In Honor of Madeline Howell

  • Karen Freed

In Honor of Johann Jacobs

  • Gerald M. Lazar

In Honor of  Jennifer Malherbe

  • Madeleine and Harvey Plonsker

In Honor of Elliott Mumm

  • Anita Harding

In Honor of Joy Rocklin

  • Mary Gootjes and John Davis

In Honor of Anne Marie Smith and Family

  • Laura and Martin deLannoy

In Honor of Adam Sklute

  • Anonymous

In Honor of Alexis and Talia Thorum

  • Julie Thorum

In Honor of Jaclyn Weisenbeck

  • Anonymous

In Honor of William Wood Jr.

  • John and Michelle Flynn

In Honor of  the Gifted Artists of Ballet West

  • Michelle McDonough

Gifts Made in Memory of

In Memory of Megan Leigh Brown

  • Marie and Kevin Brown

In Memory of Mikel Covey

  • Elizabeth Barlow and Stephen McClellan
  • Minette and Robert Kantrowitz
  • G. G. and Nancy L. Rogers
  • Edwina Jo Snow
  • Jerry Stanger and Rob McFarland
  • Lenore and John Tyler

In Memory of Peter Durkee Meldrum

  • Ballet West

In Memory of Jed Moss

  • Ballet West
  • Betsy Hijazi

In Memory of Carol Ann Robertson

  • Anonymous

In Memory of Ray E. Andersen

  • Sara Andersen

In Memory of Maxine Barnes

  • Teresa Edwards

In Memory of Rita Boyer

  • Francisco D. Blas II

In Memory of Willam Christensen

  • David Barber and Greg Geilmann

In Memory of Karen Coleman

  • Ballet West

In Memory of Jacqueline Cronsberg

  • Sandra Jennings

In Memory of Donna L. Dell

  • Ballet West

In Memory of John Englund

  • Chris Jorgensen

In Memory of Mark Fry

  • Jerry and Karen Authier
  • Jack Berg
  • Steven and JJ Burnham
  • Chris Costello
  • Donald and Gwen Eels
  • Lon and Roseanne EwingShane D. Feiman
  • Arnold and Joyce Fencl
  • Robert and Linda Fischer
  • Donna McCullough and Wyeth Friday
  • Mary K. Grande
  • Sarah Jee
  • Kirk and Jill Kinnear
  • James and Rita Koll
  • Kevin Lincoln
  • Ronald and Sheila Lund
  • Maxine Manni
  • Michelle Mapes
  • Kari Marks
  • Gary and Lori May
  • Carol Mosley
  • Joel and Jerlene Mosley
  • Chaz, Shawn, Ashton, Preston and Colton Parmley
  • Sharyl Peterson
  • Nancy Richardson
  • Penni Jo Romero
  • Stanley and Malia Schleifer
  • Kristy Schweitz
  • Marci Sesker
  • Kevin and Roxanne Straub
  • Larry and Elizabeth Strenge
  • Nina Swanson
  • Stephen and Kaye Van Gilder
  • Don and Peggy Weideman
  • Marlene Whiting
  • Susan Wilson
  • Howard and Carol Zehntner
  • Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
  • “Quest for Authentic Manhood” Brothers at Bethany Lutheran in Elkhorn, Omaha, NE
  • Anonymous
  • Curtis and Donna Ball
  • Erica and Travis Barker
  • Mary Barnes
  • Roger and Barbara Beau
  • George and Ellen Berg
  • Gayle and Richard Berg
  • Nora Bergan
  • Gordon and Teresa Doig
  • Libby Dreier
  • Colleen Dwars
  • Shane D. Feiman
  • Clark Fry
  • Wenda Fry
  • David and Sue Gates
  • Sharon and James Gelhaus
  • Thomas and Ann Gordon
  • Nancy Greenberg
  • Tyler and Mari Hamm
  • Mark and Carolyn Hansen
  • Elizabeth Harrison
  • James and Joan Hyde
  • Rebecca Johnston
  • LuAnne Lathrop
  • Craig and Cheryl Lyon
  • Kathryn Magli
  • Paige Schladetsch
  • David and June Voldseth
  • Wayson Family Farms
  • Kathleen and Thomas Weichel
  • Yvonne Weideman
  • Julie Whitworth
  • Bethany Lutheran Church
  • Ponderosa Elementary School
  • Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Yoked Parish Churches

In Memory of Dorothy Lee Erkelens Gibby

  • Robert R. Gibby

In Memory of Vicki Leigh Hansen

  • Elyse Schwartz

In Memory of Rozell Henrie

  • Karen Nichols

In Memory of Joann Jensen

  • Paul R. Johnson

In Memory of Wendy Barlow McNatt

  • Patricia Barlow

In Memory of Anne Merrick

  • John Merrick

In Memory of Emily Johnson Ott

  • Mark Ott

In Memory of Rhoda Ramsey

  • Rochelle Warner

In Memory of Min and Raymond Stevenson

  • Tamara Denning

In Memory of Tony Lazzara 

  • Ballet West

In Memory of Sara Nelson 

  • Brad Nolen

In Memory of Walker Wallace

  • Ballet West

For inquiries about making a gift in someone’s honor or memory, please call (801) 869-6919.