Gifts Made In Memory & In Honor

The following donors have made gifts to honor friends or loved ones, either in life or in legacy. Ballet West thanks them for choosing to support the company in their appreciation of the following individuals.

Gifts Made in Honor of

In Honor of the Gifted Artists of Ballet West

  • Michelle McDonough

In Honor of the Wonderful Corps de Ballet of Ballet West

  • John Miller

In Honor of the Members of the Ballet West Orchestra

  • Kenny Hodges

In Honor of the Performing Arts – May the persevere and, once again, thrive!

  • Katherine Lawrence and Aaron Orlowski

In Honor of Bruce Caldwell

  • Kenny and Janeal Hodges

In Honor of Peter Christie

  • Joel and Frances Harris

In Honor of Dr. Joel M. Harris

  • Carolyn and Dennis Bernard

In Honor of Rachael Darden Harper

  • Anonymous

In Honor of Lucas Horns

  • Gordon Irving

In Honor of Amanda Schmieder

  • Barbara Mathers

In Honor of Anne Marie Smith and Family

  • Laura and Martin deLannoy

In Honor of William Wood Jr. 

  • John and Michelle Flynn

Gifts Made in Memory of

In Memory of Robert Arbogast

  • Friends, Family, and the Ballet West Guild

In Memory of Megan Leigh Brown

  • Marie Brown

In Memory of Mikel Covey

  • Elizabeth Barlow and Stephen McClellan
  • Minette and Robert Kantrowitz
  • G. G. and Nancy L. Rogers
  • Edwina Jo Snow
  • Jerry Stanger and Rob McFarland
  • Lenore and John Tyler

In Memory of Paul B. Dorius

  • Marilyn Roskelley

In Memory of Lela and Reid Ellsworth

  • Janet Ellsworth

In Memory of Peter Durkee Meldrum

  • Ballet West

In Memory of Jed Moss

  • Ballet West
  • The Ballet West Orchestra
  • Betsy Hijazi

In Memory of Carol Ann Robertson

  • Anonymous

For inquiries about making a gift in someone’s honor or memory, please call (801) 869-6919.