Gifts Made In Memory & In Honor

The following donors have made gifts to honor friends or loved ones, either in life or in legacy. Ballet West thanks them for choosing to support the company in their appreciation of the following individuals.

Gifts Made in Honor of

In Honor of Peter Christie

  • Joel and Frances Harris

In Honor Barbara Crafts

  • Joshua and Angelina Reinbolz

In Honor of Lucas Horns

  • David Parkinson and Leonardo Arantes Silveira

In Honor of Ryan Lenkey

  • Attila Lenkey

In Honor of John and Andrea Miller

  • Lucynthia Rockwood

In Honor of Christopher Ruud

  • Mary Gootjes and John Davis

In Honor of Joshua Shutkind and the Shutkind Family

  • Arthur and Joanie Cooper Family Foundation

In Honor of Adam Sklute

  • Anonymous

In Honor of Anne Marie Smith and Family

  • Laura and Martin deLannoy

In Honor of Arolyn Williams and Ballet West

  • Jim and Julie Crittenden

Gifts Made in Memory of

In Memory of Megan Leigh Brown

  • Kevin and Marie Brown

In Memory of Rowland Butler

  • Linda Forsey

In Memory of Sue J. Ellis

  • Ballet West

In Memory of Loraine Felton

  • Anonymous

In Memory of Helen Haff

  • Rebecca Johnston

In Memory of Ray Hansen

  • The Thornock Family Fund

In Memory of Paul Hutchings

  • Elise Hutchings

In Memory of Peter Durkee Meldrum

  • Ballet West

In Memory of Jenniffer Michaelson

  • Ballet West

In Memory of Gary L Stewart

  • David G. Del Colletti and Barbara D. Austin
  • Rodney Ferrell
  • Barbara Freidly-Keesey and Rob Roberts
  • Beth and Kevin Hassett
  • Board of Directors, HomeAid Sacramento
  • Edward Hook
  • Cynthia Lucas
  • Bryan Merica
  • Marnie and Dent Shuey

In Memory of Kathy Hillis Wood

  • Ballet West

For inquiries about making a gift in someone’s honor or memory, please call (801) 869-6919.