Encore Society

Ballet West honors those individuals who have made a meaningful commitment to the future of Ballet West by including a bequest or other deferred gift to the company in their estate.

Bené Arnold
Berenice J. Bradshaw*
Judy Brady and Drew W. Browning
Val A. Browning*
Kenneth P. Burbidge, Jr.*
Dr. Robert H.* and Marianne Harding Burgoyne
Mary Elizabeth Colton*
The Donna L. Dell Trust*
Kent and Martha DiFiore
The Zorka D. Divich Trust*
Richard and Pamela Dropek
Dolores Doré Eccles*
Virginia Fackrell Estate*
Sid W. Foulger*
Dr. Esther S. Gross* and Dr. George D. Gross*
Merribeth Habegger-Anderson*
Stephanie and Timothy Harpst
Melissa A. Herbst*
Geoffrey C. Hughes*
Johann Jacobs and David Heuvel
Grace Jackson*
Flemming and Lana Jensen
Sara Kaplan
Dennis L. Kay Trust*
Barry L. Keller*
Cynthia Lampropoulos Family Trust
Gaye Herman Marrash*
Willis McCree and John Fromer
Glenn H. and Karen Fugal Peterson
Nancy Rapoport and Jeff Van Niel
Margot Shott*
Norman C. Tanner* and Barbara L. Tanner
Oma W. Wagstaff*
Mrs. Glen Walker Wallace*
Gladys Walz*
Susan Warshaw
Afton B. Whitbeck*
Carole M. Wood and Darrell Hensleigh
Marelynn and Edward Zipser

*Indicates donor has passed away.

Any individual who has made an estate provision, planned gift, or deferred gift to Ballet West is eligible for inclusion in the Encore Society. For more information, please call (801) 869-6936.