All Information is Subject to Change

Call time is start of performance.

Performance Costume:  All costume pieces are numbered.  Costume numbers are assigned at your costume fitting.  You will wear the same costume for all of your performances.

Performance Hairstyle:  Wrap braids work well.  Make two ponytails (one on each side of the dancer’s head), then braid, then cross them across the dancer’s head like a headband.  Dancers must arrive at the theater with their performance hairstyle performance ready.  This means their hair is slicked back and neatly pinned; see the photos below.

Buffoon_frontview      Buffoon_sideview      BuffoonHair_topview

Performance Makeup: 

All performance makeup must be applied prior to dancers entering the theater.  Parents will be responsible for doing their own dancer’s makeup.  Below is the list of makeup required for Ballet West Nutcracker.  You are allowed to use comparable brands, but the color must be the same.  Please reference the above photos for makeup.

  • Ben Nye: Eye Shadow Taupe (ES-34)
  • Ben Nye: Victorian Rose Cheek (DR-61)
  • Ben Nye: Pen Eye Liner – Black Ink (PEL-1) 
  • Brown or Black Brow Pencil, depending on hair color
  • Ben Nye: Natural Lip Liner (LP-134)
  • Ben Nye: Natural Lip Stick (LS-7) 


Performance Shoes:  Black canvas ballet shoes with white elastic are required.  Ballet shoes must be canvas.  Leather shoes are not allowed.  Your shoes must be “performance ready”.  That means the elastics are neatly sewn on, and your shoes are clean.  Remember two pairs of shoes are required in your dance bag for just this reason.  One pair can be an old pair.

Please Note:  The wardrobe department does not repair shoes. 

Performance Tights and Leotard:  White opaque tights, a nylon blend are a good choice.  100% Lycra is not allowed. A black long sleeve leotard is required.