BUTLER Costume Information

Your call time is one hour before performance. Wig call time is 50 minutes before performance, you must have your makeup on and at least your cravat before you get your wig on. Do not be late to your wig call.

 Performance Costume:  All costume pieces are numbered.  Costume numbers are assigned at your costume fitting.  You will wear the same costume for all of your performances.

 Performance Hairstyle: Dancers wear a wig. Hair needs to be long enough to pin the wig to the dancer’s hair. Ballet West will provide the wig

Performance Makeup:  Dancers will apply their own performance makeup.  Below is the list of makeup approved by Ballet West.  Dancers do not need to use the  Ben Nye brand, but the makeup colors should be the same.

  • Foundation – dancer will provide their own
  • Ben Nye: for eyeshadow use Contour 1 (DC-01)
  • Ben Nye: Powder Blush – Coral (DR-7)
  • Ben Nye: Natural Lip Stick (LS-7)
  • Black or Brown Eyeliner
  • Black or Brown Eye Brow Pencil

Performance Shoes:  Ballet West will supply cream character shoes for dancers to wear for performances.

Please Note: The wardrobe department does not repair shoes.

Performance Undergarments:  Ballet West will provide cream tights.  Dancers are welcome to either wear bike shorts or a dance belt underneath.  Dancers should have a tight white T-shirt as well.