Nicolo Fonte

Choreographer Nicolo Fonte has created over 40 new works for dance companies spanning the globe, garnering praise and generating excitement for his daring and theatrical approach to dance. The Australian Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, and The Dutch National Ballet, among many others, all have works of his in their repertoire. Whether made to Ravel’s brash Bolero or the quiet intricacy of a Bach violin piece, Fonte ballets have one thing in common:  “The choreography is inventive, creating expressive original shapes built on an undercurrent of implicit human relationships” (Foyer/ Dance Europe). “What impresses the most is that his choreography is obviously the result of a personal reflection – distinctly and unmistakably Fonte, proof of a rare quality” (Michel Odin/Danse). Well-known to Salt Lake City audiences for a stunning roster of works including The Immeasurable Cadences Within, Bolero, Presto, Almost Tango, and The Rite of Spring, Fonte is recognized throughout the world as a choreographer equally comfortable with classical and contemporary dance forms. Fonte has been the Resident Choreographer for Ballet West since the 2012/2013 season, and is excitedly looking forward to future collaborations for years to come.