Dates & Deadlines 2015–2016

July 9-August 10 Early Year-Round Registration X X X
June 15–July 3 Thanksgiving Point Summer Intensive Workshop 1   X  
June 15–August 1 Thanksgiving Point Children’s Workshops   X  
June 21 Summer Intensive Orientation 6:00 PM/MCD X    
June 22 Salt Lake Summer Intensive Classes Begin at MCD/JEQBC X    
June 29 Salt Lake Junior Intensive Classes Begin at Trolley Square X    
July 01 Early Registration and Tuition Deadline for Fall 2015 X X  
July 13–August 01 Thanksgiving Point Summer Intensive Workshop 2   X  
July 18

Year-Round Professional Training Division Program Audition

Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet Centre

2:00 pm Registration

3:00-5:00 pm Audition

X   X
August 17 Trainee Classes Begin     X
August 22 Salt Lake Year-round Audition X    
August 22 Thanksgiving Point Year-round Audition   X  

August 27 (Beginning, Elementary, Intermediate A/ B)

Salt Lake Lower School Orientation

Check-in 5:00-6:00 PM 

Orientation 6:00 PM

Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre


August 31 (Intermediate C/D, Advanced, PTD, Trainee)

Salt Lake Upper School Orientation

Check-in 4:30-5:30 PM 

Orientation 5:30 PM

Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre

X   X
August 31, 2015 Thanksgiving Point Orientation, 7:30 PM   X  
August 31 Fall Session Classes Begin  X
September 7 Labor Day- No classes X X X
September 8–9 Nutcracker Registration
Salt Lake
September 10 Nutcracker Registration
Thanksgiving Point
September 12 Ballet West Nutcracker Auditions X X  
October 12–17 Fall Break- No classes X X X
October 19–24 Parent Observation X    
November 7 Gala Performance X   X
November 25–28 Thanksgiving Break-No classes X X X
December 2 Invitational X   X
December 14–18 Thanksgiving Point Parent Observation   X  
December 21–
January 1
Winter Break- No classes X X X
January 1 Winter session registration open (new students) X X X
January 04 Classes Resume (Fall Session) X X X
January 16 2016 Summer Intensive Audition X   X
January 18 Martin Luther King Jr. Day-No classes X X X
January 19–23 Salt Lake- Parent Observation X   X
January 23 Last Day Fall Session X X X
January 25 Winter Session Begins X X X
February 8 Winter Session Tuition Due X X X
February 15 President’s Day- No classes X X X
March 14-15 Thanksgiving Point Snow Maiden Performance (Elem D-Adv A)   X  
March 14–18 Parent Observation X   X
April 4–9 Spring Break-No classes X X  
May 7 Thanksgiving Point Production (Beg A-Elem C)   X  
May 16–20 Thanksgiving Point Parent Observation   X  
June 2-4 Salt Lake Spring Performance (Elem B-Trainee) X   X
June 4 Salt Lake Spring Performance 10:00 AM (Beginning B, C, Elem A) X    
June 4 Last day of Winter Session X X X

*schedules subject to change

Upcoming Events & Performances

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.30.40 AMSnow Maiden 2016