Gifts In Memoriam & In Honor

Gifts Made in Honor of

In Honor of Patty Andringa

  • Madeleine and Harvey Plonsker

In Honor of Vilija Avizonis and Greg McComas

  • Beth McComas

In Honor of Peter Christie

  • Joel and Frances Harris

In Honor Barbara Crafts

  • Joshua Reinbolz

In Honor of Kazlyn Nielsen

  • The Keefers

In Honor of Madeleine and Harvey Plonsker

  • Judith and Donald Horwitz

In Honor of Brian and Janae Powell

  • The Varvel Family Charitable Fund

In Honor of Harriet Ross

  • Elaine Wolbrom

In Honor of Adam Sklute

  • Madeleine and Harvey Plonsker

In Honor of Anne Marie and Jim Smith

  • Laura deLannoy

Gifts Made in Memory of

In Memory of Betty Ann Anderson

  • Craig Anderson and Denise Dragoo
  • Stephen and Karen Bernotski
  • David E. and Helane B. Leta
  • Evelyn Morrison
  • Anne and Terry Ross
  • Walt and Karen Sato
  • Curt and Sandra Thomsen
  • Friends and family at the Office of the Attorney General and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality

In Memory of Caroline W. Bassett

  • Govert Bassett

In Memory of Megan Leigh Brown

  • Marie Brown

In Memory of Rowland Butler

  • Linda Forsey

In Memory of Our Colleague, John Englund

  • The Ballet West Orchestra

In Memory of Vicki Hawkes

  • Carol Anne Price Keithley and Ruthe Anne Price

In Memory of Paul Hutchings

  • Elise Hutchings

In Memory of Barbro Klein

  • Harriet and Irwin Ross

In Memory of Gary L Stewart

  • David G. Del Colletti and Barbara D. Austin
  • Rodney Ferrell
  • Beth and Kevin Hassett
  • Board of Directors, HomeAid Sacramento
  • Edward Hook
  • Cynthia Lucas
  • Bryan Merica
  • Marnie and Dent Shuey

In Memory of Kathy Hillis Wood

  • Ballet West