Gifts In Memoriam & In Honor

Gifts Made in Honor of

In Honor of Adam Sklute and Christopher Renstrom

  • Patty Andriga
  • Patti Eylar and Charlie Gardner
  • Madeleine Plonsker

In Honor of Jóhann Jacobs and David Heuvel

  • Marlene Montooth

In Honor of Alex Fenech

  • Inger Fenech

In Honor of Ingie Lignell

  • Elese Adams

In Honor of Vilija Avizonis and Greg McComas

  • Beth McComas
  • Randy McComas

In Honor of Tono Lander

  • Martin Leuthauser

In Honor of The Tilton Family

  • Carol Ann Saikhon

In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Ondine Morelli

  • Susan H. Morelli

In Honor of Elena Kunikova and Ludmilla Morkovina

  • Sara Murawski

In Honor of Delilah Mecham

  • Jill Hansen

In Honor of Nancy Marriott

  • Zions Bank 

In Honor of Brian Powell

  • Wolters Kluwer

In Honor of Harriet Ross

  • Elaine Wolbrom

In Honor of Greta and Madeleine Ballard, Henry Ashdown

  • Peter Ashdown

In Honor of Elizabeth Weldon

  • Eileen Weldon Smith

In Honor of Kathleen Ruben Spane

  • Tina Bagley

In Honor of Dr. David Kipper

  • Anonymous Donor

In Honor of Donald Basinger

  • Joanne Parrish 

Gifts Made in Memory of

In Memory of Mary Ruth Abbott

  • Bené Arnold

In Memory of Paul Alpers

  • Harriet Ross

In Memory of Merribeth Anderson

  • Julie & Rob Fillmore
  • Bené Arnold

In Memory of Alice Athas

  • Jamie Craft

In Memory of Megan Brown

  • Marie Brown 

In Memory of Franklin L. Child

  • Jack & Kathy Newton

In Memory of Chris Christie

  • Bené Arnold

In Memory of Louis Godfrey

  • Bené Arnold

In Memory of John Hart

  • Bené Arnold
  • Carole Wood

In Memory of Michael P. Heap

  • Gregory Dunnavant

In Memory of Joseph A. Holden

  • Lisa Linsalata

In Memory of Terence Kern

  • Carole Wood

In Memory of Ann Parr

  • Peggy Beach

In Memory of Kathleen Reese

  • Jolynn Reese

In Memory of Nancy Renstrom

  • Jeanie Pollack
  • Harriet Ross
  • Adam Sklute and Christopher Renstrom

In Memory of Judee Ross

  • Audrey F. Ross Charitable Lead Trust

In Memory of Tomm Ruud

  • Linda Forsey

In Memory of Connie Rudy

  • Linda Forsey

In Memory of Paul Rupers

  • Harriet Ross

In Memory of Geraldine Humphrey Smith

  • Helen Pearce

In Memory of Tracy L. Stapley

  • 6th Medical Logistics Management Center
  • Sheena Barriteau
  • Paul Huntsman
  • Julie Lamar

In Memory of Roger vanFrank

  • Anne E. O’Brien and Bob Keeler

In Memory of Jack Wood

  • Denise and Michael Bégué
  • Pamela Robinson-Harris and Jeff Harris
  • Jóhann Jacobs and David Heuvel
  • Adam Sklute and Christopher Renstrom
  • Cristian Smith
  • Jane Wood Smith
  • Maggie Wright Tesch and Dennis Tesch
  • Jacquie and Kevin Zegan

In Memory of Bill Wood

  • John and Michelle Flynn
  • Charmion Wood

In Memory of Patricia Zollinger

  • Pamela and Dale Darnell
  • Judy Elting
  • Renee Horns
  • Jamie Kamm
  • Ron Miller
  • Kristie Rowbotham
  • Michele Straube
  • Mary Kay Feicht