Encore Society

We honor and applaud those individuals who have made such a meaningful commitment to the future of Ballet West by including a bequest or other deferred gift for Ballet West in their estate planning. Encore Society membership is open to all individuals who have made an estate provision for Ballet West or a planned or deferred gift. For more information or if you have made a planned gift to Ballet West, please contact Vice President of Development, Sarah West at 801-869-6936.

Bené Arnold

Berenice J. Bradshaw*

Judy Brady and Drew Browning

Val A. Browning*

Kenneth P. Burbidge Jr.*

Dr. Robert H.* and Marianne Harding Burgoyne

Mary Elizabeth Colton*

Kent and Martha DiFiore

The Zorka D. Divich Trust

Dolores Doré Eccles*

Virginia Fackrell Estate*

Sid W. Foulger

Dee Gauss

Dr. Esther S. Gross* and Dr. D. Gross*

Merribeth Habegger-Anderson*

Timothy and Stephanie Harpst

Melissa A. Herbst*

Geoffrey C. Hughes*

Johann Jacobs and David Heuvel

Grace Jackson*

Fleming and Lana Jensen

Sara Kaplan

Dennis L. Kay Trust

Barry L. Keller*

Cynthia Lampropoulos Family Trust

Gaye Herman Marrash

Glenn H. and Karen Fugal Peterson

Margot Shott*

Norman C. Tanner* and Barbara L. Tanner

Oma W. Wagstaff*

Mrs. Glen Walker Wallace*

Nancy Rapoport and Jeff Van Niel

Gladys Walz*

Susan Warshaw

Afton B. Whitbeck*

Carole M. Wood and Darrell Hensleigh

Marelynn and Edward Zipser



*indicates donor has passed away.