"The Sleeping Beauty"

The Sleeping BeautyBallet West Principal Artist Haley Henderson Smith and First Soloist Rex Tilton in The Sleeping Beauty. Photo by Luke Isley.

This production has ended.

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February 7 - 9 & 12 - 16, 2014


Conceived and produced by Adam Sklute and danced to Tchaikovsky’s brilliant score, this classic version of The Sleeping Beauty tells the tale of the triumph of good over evil. The king and queen celebrate the birth of their long-wished-for child, princess Aurora. The fairies of Beauty, Joy, Kindness, Temperament, and Wisdom are all invited but the fairy of Jealousy is not and in anger she curses the child to prick her finger on a spindle and die! But, the fairy of Wisdom spares the princess and places her under an enchanting sleep lasting 100 where she waits to be awakened by the kiss of a prince.

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PROLOGUE ~ The Christening
The King and Queen have invited all the Fairies of the land to the christening of their daughter, the Princess Aurora. Each fairy presents her gift to the newborn Princess, imbuing her with the qualities of Kindness, Joy, Beauty, and Temperament, when suddenly the proceedings are interrupted by Carabosse, the Fairy of Jealousy.  She is in a rage because the Major Domo of the Court, Catalabutte, neglected to invite her. That oversight will cost as Carabosse casts an evil spell on Aurora: one day, when she least suspects it, the Princess will prick her finger on a a spindle and die. The enitre court is in despair until the Lilac Fairy, that Fairy of Wisdom, steps forward to bestow her gift. Although she cannot counteract her sister's curse, she can mollify it by declaring that instead of dying, the Princess Aurora will fall into a deep slumber from which she can be awakened only by the kiss of true love.

ACT I ~ The Spell
Three old women are busy creating a gift for Princess Aurora's sixteenth birthday. One woman sits at a spinning wheel flanked by another who holds the thread and still another who knits furiously. The peasant children arrive with garlands and tokens of appreciation. Their festivities are interrupted by two guards who arrest the old crones. There is a years-old ban on spinning on penalty of death, but because it's a joyous occasion, the King pardons the old women of their transgressions.  Princes from the four corners of the earth have come to win Aurora's hand in marriage and the young princess revels in their adulation. As the princess dances with joy, one of the crones approaches Aurora and presents her with a strange gift. Enraptured, Aurora shows the unique present to her parents who recognize it to be a spindle that they have banned. They try to urge her to drop the spindle - but it's too late! Aurora pricks her finger and everyone is aghast as Aurora falls lifeless to the ground. The crone reveals herself as Carabosse and vanishes in triumph.  The Lilac Fairy appears and casts her spell of sleep over Aurora, the King and Queen, and all the people in the land. The palace is covered by a forest until the promised awakening.

ACT II ~ The Vision
It is a hundred years later, and Prince Desire is leading a hunting party through the woods. Bored with his courtly duties, he entertains himself with flirtatious diversions. The prince dismisses his retinue to meditate on his longing for an ideal love. Fairies appear, led by the Lilac Fairy, and show him a vision of Princess Aurora. Enthralled, he begs the Fairies to lead him to this beautiful vision and together they travel through changing landscapes until they reach the hidden castle. Carabosse and her minions have been jealously guarding the castle and attempt to stop anyone from coming near, but her evil magic is overpowered by the wisdom of the Lilac Fairy. Prince Desire awakens Princess Aurora with a kiss, breaking the spell and causing the defeated Carabosse to disappear forever.

ACT III ~ The Wedding

Fairy-tale characters from around the world have come to celebrate the wedding of Princess Aurora and Prince Desire. Aurora's parents, the guests, and the entire court, joined by the fairies of Kindness, Joy, Beauty, and Temperament, pay their respects to the bride and bridegroom as the Lilac Fairy oversees and blesses the marriage with wisdom and truth.

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  Feb 7 eve. and 15 eve. Feb 8 eve. and 14 eve. Feb 13 eve, 15 mat., 16 mat. Feb 8 mat., 9 mat., 12 eve.      
Princess Aurora Christiana Bennett Katherine Lawrence Katherine Lawrence / Beckanne Sisk (16mat) Beckanne Sisk      
Prince Desire Rex Tilton Adrian Fry Adrian Fry / Christopher Sellars (16mat) Christopher Sellars      
Lilac Fairy (Fairy of Wisdom) Elizabeth McGrath Emily Adams Christiana Bennett Elizabeth McGrath      
Carabosse (Fairy of Jealousy) Allison DeBona Allison DeBona Emily Adams Emily Adams      
Catalabutte Beau Pearson Tyler Gum Beau Pearson / Adrian Fry (16 mat) Tyler Gum      
King Ronald Tilton Ronald Tilton Christopher Ruud Christopher Ruud      
Queen Barbara Barrington Jones Barbara Barrington Jones Barbara Barrington Jones Barbara Barrington Jones      
Fairy Kindness (Crystal Fountain) Katlyn Addison Elizabeth McGrath Katlyn Addison / Elizabeth McGrath (16 mat) Allison DeBona      
Fairy Joy (Songbird) Arolyn Williams / Katie Critchlow Katie Critchlow Jenna Herrera Arolyn Williams      
Fairy Beauty (Enchanted Forest) Sayaka Ohtaki Lindsay Duerfeldt Amy Potter Amy Potter      
Fairy Temperament (Golden Vine) Emily Adams Beckanne Sisk Whitney Huell Whitney Huell      
The Bluebird Christopher Sellars Tom Mattingly Tyler Gum Alexander MacFarlan      
Princess Florine Katherine Lawrence Arolyn Williams/Jenna Rae Herrera Sayaka Ohtaki / Katherine Lawrence (16 mat) Jenna Herrera      
Prince Floristan Tom Mattingly Christopher Sellars Tom Mattingly Chase O'Connell      
Gold Whitney Huell Whitney Huell Katie Critchlow Katie Critchlow      
Silver Beckanne Sisk Sayaka Ohtaki Beckanne Sisk / Sayaka Ohtaki (16mat) Lindsay Duerfeldt      
Puss in Boots Alexander MacFarlan Joshua Whitehead Alexander MacFarlan Joshua Whitehead      
The White Cat Amy Potter Jamie Lynn Schultz Elizabeth Weldon Sayaka Ohtaki      
Little Red Riding Hood Isabel Jones McKenzie Sparrer Isabel Jones Lauren Thompson      
The Big Bad Wolf Tyler Gum Rex Tilton Trevor Naumann Rex Tilton      
The Suitors:        
     Prince of the North Christopher Anderson Christopher Anderson Chase O'Connell Chase O'Connell      
     Prince of the South  Joshua Whtehead Tom Mattingly Joshua Whitehead Tom Mattingly      
     Prince of the East  Trevor Naumann Rex Tilton Trevor Naumann Alexander MacFarlan      
     Prince of the West  Christopher Sellars Beau Pearson Christopher Sellars / Beau Pearson (16mat) Beau Pearson      
*Casting subject to change