Parking in Downtown Salt Lake City

A five-minute pickup and drop-off zone is located in front of the Capitol Theatre. For student’s safety, parents are asked to advise their students to stay inside the glass lobby of the Capitol Theatre while waiting to be picked up by parents and to watch carefully for cars during drop-off and pickup times.

Here are some options that can assist you in parking your car:

  • One-hour meter parking- There are several located on 200 South, Main Street and West Temple.
  • Salt Palace Parking - Located on 200 South between West Temple and 200 West. Parking is $5
  • One Utah Center- Located on 200 South and Main Street, first half hour is $2, 31 minutes to one hour is $4, and one to two hours is $6.
  • Please remember - Parking is at your own discretion! Ballet West Academy is not responsible or liable for your parking.