Parent Watch Week - Class Visiting


We encourage attendance during Parent Watch Week. This is a unique opportunity to view your students in their learning environment. Please plan to stay for the entire class. Leaving during class is a distraction for the students. If you must leave during the class, please wait for an appropriate moment to leave and return. No cell phones, cameras, or video recorders are allowed. No food or drink in the studios. Please remember; no talking during class.

Parents or guardians ONLY are invited to view one lesson during each of the following weeks:

  • October 28- November 2, 2013
  • January 13-18, 2014
  • March 17-22, 2014

Please do not bring other family members or friends.

To request permission to observe class at any other time, please contact the school office.

PLEASE NOTE:  Other than parent watch week, parents are not permitted to wait in the Marriott Center for Dance, theatre lobby or any areas of Utah Symphony and Opera Production Studios.