Important Guidelines


These guidelines have been developed to assist our school in functioning efficiently. The Academy Director and our faculty ask for your consideration with regard to the following issues. Students are asked to read the Student Guidelines as posted in the studios.

  • The Academy does not tolerate inappropriate or disrespectful behavior or language.
  • When entering and leaving the school students must wear appropriate clothing (slacks, skirts, shirts and shoes). During cold weather students are to wear warm clothing (i.e., jackets & coats.)
  • For security reasons students are to wait inside the building, not on the street, for your parents to pick you up.
  • During the school hours, students are asked to keep the sound level low, so our classes are not disrupted.
  • At the Capitol Theater, please bring all of your belongings into the studio and pick up after yourself.
  • At the Opera Studios, please place all items in the lockers provided. Do not leave items in lockers overnight.
  • Students are to enter the classroom promptly and are encouraged to bring water bottles, but not food or other types of drinks, into the studio.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are not allowed in our buildings.
  • We reserve the right to suspend or dismiss students from class for inappropriate behavior.
  • The office phone is for business use. It can only be used by anyone else for important and brief calls.