Health Issues


All students who have any health problems or injuries are asked to notify the office and their instructors. All health problems will be kept confidential. The Ballet West Academy promotes good nutrition for all our students. Students who need help in this area may consult with their instructors and the Academy Director. Following acceptance, students who experience difficulty in meeting the physical conditioning standards necessary for ballet, or who manifest signs of eating disorders, may be provided with referrals to health care specialists where counseling may help the student to reach his or her goals in achieving and maintaining optimum physical conditioning. If a student is injured (i.e., sprained ankle, broken arm, leg, etc. in a cast or wrap), he or she may not be able to participate in class, rehearsals and/or performances. However, students will be required to observe class and also write a report on their observations. The Academy must receive written notification of the student’s medical diagnosis, and a medical release must be obtained from the attending physician in order for the student to resume class. Students who are very ill are asked to call the Academy so teachers may be informed of the reason for their absence.